It’s CleanUp Time®️

We at HowieBins offer Full Service Junk Removal/Disposal Rental Bins.

Cubic yards 

5 yards, 8 yards, 10 yards, 14 yards

Serving: Norfolk, Haldimand, MiddleSex, Elgin, Oxford, Brant  Surrounding Areas📍


Residential Clients, Realtors, Roofers, Brick-Layers, Renovation CleanUp, Tradesmen, Commercial CleanUp, House Builders, Agriculture, Horticulture, & Electronic Waste Removal.

Not offering toxic waste removal services at this time!

Thank you 


Demolition/Removal of

(HotTubs, Sheds, Decks, Fences)


Full Service Junk Removal

🛻 💨 

Dump Runs


Estate Clean Out

(Pre/Post Sale)


Yard CleanUps 

About us:

Michael Howe is the co-founder of what has now been turned in Howie Group Inc.

Howie has a keen outlook for his business, ‘an entrepreneurial way of thinking is something that separates the focused person from the unfocused people.’ Meaning when you have an idea stick with it, and crush it until your goals are achieved. 

HowieBins has been the flagship of the waste removal dream for Howie Group Inc. ™️

We plan to become a leader in the renewable energy from waste industry to insure all waste related byproducts are recycled, and reused.